Step-Mommy Stinkest Collection Vol 2

t's that time of year where you celebrate Miss Murdah as your step-mommy. Indulge yourself in these three step-mommy roleplay clips.

Clip 1: "Spanking you Deserve" Step-Mommy has caught you once again sniffing and jerking to her flip flops without her permission. Step-Mommy Murdah has finally had enough and gives your disobedient tushie the spanking it so desperately deserves. Drop your pants and bend over for Step-Mommy Murdah in this never before seen step-mommy spanking role play clip. Pedicure color is Pink.

Clip 2: "That is Called a Perversion" Step Mommy Murdah decides to teach you a lesson in women. You obviously don't know what you're doing when it comes to the ladies so it is up to Step-Mommy Murdah to teach you how to properly behave in the never before seen step-mommy humiliating roleplay clip. Pedicure color is pink.

Clip 3: "Call Me Step-Mommy" starring Slt Feet and filmed by pedsrmeds. Britney has been so defiant lately, unenthusiastic to do anything that her step-mother asks. Finally her step-mommy, Miss Murdah, has had enough and decides to give her step-daughter the discipline she so desperately needs. Watch as Step-Mommy Murdah presses her hard working shoes and feet to Britney's bratty face in this shoe and foot smelling roleplay clip. Will Britney finally submit and call Miss Murdah her Step-Mommy?!


Total running time 12 minutes 46 seconds. 

Step-Mommy Stinkest Collection Vol 2