“Another day.” You think to yourself as you begin to feel the stresses of the day pile heavy on your shoulders. You specifically left the office at this time to avoid the lunch rush but here you are stuck in line again at the cafe. The sound of your phone ringing quickly snapped you out of your pitty party. Panicked you drop your phone praying to the heavens that you didn’t break it. You bend down to grab it and notice the woman standing in front of you. Legs glistening in the light. Maybe leaving the office wasn't such a bad idea after all. You leave the coffee shop and follow her lead. Work won't notice if you're gone for an hour or two. See where your mystery woman leads you in this tantalizing 6 minute dominating dirty soles joi clip. 


Dirty feet, Dirty Soles, JOI, Legs

Total Running Time 6 minutes 1 second

Pedicure Color Lavander Glitter


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