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Keep Your Job

You’re the new hire and thought you could impress your coworkers with a little work place banter. You went a little too far and called your new boss a bitch. Word traveled its way back to her and now you’re stuck in her office left to explain yourself. Like the true boss that she is she tells you just what you need to do to keep your new job. 

First, she makes you kiss her shoes, all while she reminds you of how they’re worth more than what you make here in a week. Then she instructs you to clean her hard working sweaty toes. Making sure you lick even in between her jammy mess. Lastly she saved the arches and heels leaving you to exfoliate them with your teeth. With each lick she reminds you that if you don’t she’ll fire you on the spot.


After an excruciating long 8 minutes she decides she’s done with you and wants to ensure you’ve learned your lesson in smack talking. You agree and she then proceeds to call security. She informs them that you no longer work here and need to be escorted out of the building. 

Keep Your Job

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