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Customized Experiments

Video & Photo

Solo custom experiments $10 per minute with a minimum of 3 minutes to begin order. 

Custom experiments with the Mister are $15 per minute with a minimum of 5 minutes to begin order.

Custom photos experiments are $5 per image or $20 for 5 images. 

All experiments are created with Canon Rebel T7 (24MP) or Canon M50 (24.1MP)

Turn around time is 48 hours.

Items will be delivered by google drive link.

If you have purchased content and decide to waste my time during the next sale, you new rate going forward will be doubled. 

Custom Experiments: Welcome

The Periodic Table of Elements:
Murdah's Edition

Sf - Smelly Feet
Df - Dirty Feet
Cf - Clean Feet
Ny - Nylon Feet
Sx - Socks
Bf - Barefeet
Fl - Flats
Hs - Heels
Ga - Giantess
Fj - Foot Job
Bj - Blow Job
Sl - Slippers
Hj - Hand Job
Fs - Forced Smelling
Sp - Spit
Cr - Crushing*
Ff - Flip Flops
Da - Dangling
Fd - Foot Domination

Custom Experiments: About
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